Nathan Knutson is a R&D mechanical engineer at a loacl start-up. He is one of the few people to own a soldering iron before 4th Grade. He often tries to build things that can otherwise be purchased just for the sake of learning. If you want to find him, it's usually easiest to look for CNC electronics control box or X-ray machine with legs sticking out of it (ala: "The Knack").

David Heisserer is a Minneapolis based product designer. His contracting company, White on White Design + Build, has been his focus for the past 10 years. David's work spans from residential and commercial interiors to product and furniture design. Amonghis most recent products is The Jiggernaut, a bicycle frame building jig. Find more information on this and other design projects at

Cory Huseby specializes in unique marketing and multimedia solutions, with projects like a solar charged pedal/electric hybrid tricyclefor the MN Twins Mascot TC bear, tap handle design for new breweries that are revitalizing N.E. Minneapolis and 12 years of turning digital concepts into real-world tangible objects. His formal training in design and marketing and years of building with a variety of mediums he has carved out a niche in the Minneapolis Technical-Meets-Creative community.

Ben Archaand - The details of my life are quite inconsequential. My childhood was typical, summers in Rangoon, FORTRAN 90 lessons. In the spring we'd make RepRaps and propane blacksmithing forges.  When I was out of welding gas, I would build hand crafted wooden canoes from rough cut timbers, quite standard really.  At age 12 I received my first Arduino.  Later in life, an engineering professor named Craig would ritualistically implant my pocket protector, baptise me in machine oil and bestow my evil PhD.  There really is nothing like being bathed in machine oil - it's breathtaking.  I suggest you try it.

Dillon Hodapp -